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What is videe0?

Videe0 is a digital platform which consists of an online video sharing website and also a video editing mobile app. The videe0 website allows users to upload, share, like, and comment on videos. The videe0 online sharing website offers diverse & unique user generated content. Users upload various content included but not limited to: music videos, video clips, films, documentaries, audio recordings, video blogs, original short video, educational and tutorial videos. Content uploaded to videe0 is done by blogs, individuals & also media partnerships. Users must register in order to submit videos or leave comments. Unregistered users can only watch (but not upload) videos on the site. Users must be 18 years of age to register to upload videe0’s.

The videe0 mobile app is a video editing and special effects platform that allows individual creators to edit and create professional videe0. Users can share their productions on the videe0 platform as well as the social media platform that they choose. The videe0 mobile app allows users to edit and add custom filters to photos and videe0's. Posts can be organized with locale information and shared on the videe0 feed. Other users can browse other users videe0’s and like and follow.


Media has and always will be one of the most powerful tools on the planet.

(Online) Social media, which is the child of print and broadcast, has become more powerful than the two combined.

Black Americans have never had any control over print nor broadcast media.

Our trusted & most favorite forms of media till this day still

Today, Online social media is the media that we love, support & trust the most.

Our favorite social media platforms have (now) continued the censorship & marginalization.

They are built to profit from Black America, not to build Black America.

Black Americans are in dire need of our own social media platform.

Since the 1st Amendment was created, freedom of speech has always had consequences for Black Americans.

We need a social network that imposes our expression in a way that is not ostracized.

About Us